Projects in the News - Nirvana Spa (SDM)

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Nirvana Spa, one of Britain's award-winning spas, has upgraded their video surveillance system with Arecont Vision IP megapixel cameras to increase overall situational awareness 24/7. Nirvana spa's original analog video surveillance cameras required additional lighting in dimly lit areas and at night to ensure usable images. In addition, the existing pan/tilt cameras were not adequately capturing incidents because they were usually facing the wrong direction when an event occurred.

All of these issues were completely addressed with the newly installed Arecont Vision SurroundVideo 180-deg. and 360-deg. panoramic multi-sensor megapixel cameras. Significant cost benefits also were delivered by requiring fewer cameras and less supporting infrastructure. The solution is less taxing on the IP network due to H.264 compression and bit rate control capabilities. These collective advantages further reduce the overall total cost of ownership of the new surveillance system while increasing return on investment for Nirvana Spa.