Newton County School System to Purchase Security Video Cameras (

COVINGTON – The Newton County School System will purchase video safety equipment for some of its schools and a service center.

Clements Middle, Cousins Middle, Indian Creek Middle, Veterans Memorial Middle, and Eastside High schools are slated to receive new and updated video camera safety equipment. A service center next to Indian Creek, where NCSS parks its buses, will be getting equipment as well. The Board of Education held its regular meeting on Tuesday and approved the purchase of video cameras and associated equipment from Banner Security Systems, located in Conyers, at a cost of $152,070.

The approved purchases include additional cameras and new network video recorders, also known as NVR servers, to replace old equipment.

According to the BOE, the school system will purchase Salient Systems’ PowerPro hybrid NVRs. The PowerPros, which have an Intel Core i7-2600 processor with 8MB cache, will allow school officials to record, view, playback, and archive videos streamed on cameras.

Camera purchases will include Arecont Vision’s SurroundVideo models, with 180-degree and 360-degree panoramic fields of vision. These cameras offer forensic zooming, flexible cropping, motion detection, and privacy masks. The school system will also purchase EverFocus cameras.