Megapixel Training from Arecont ­Vision (Hi-tech Security Solutions Magazine)

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Arecont Vision is committed to educating the video surveillance community and providing its members with the expertise needed to understand, design, install and support megapixel video surveillance solutions. As part of this commitment, Arecont Vision developed Arecont Vision University, a section of the company’s website where security professionals can access courses, frequently asked questions and other reference materials to learn about Arecont Vision products and the best ways to use them. 

Arecont Vision University offers online training courses designed to teach participants what megapixel technology is, how it works, and how to use it to reduce the number of sensors while increasing video coverage. Course topics range from optics and sensor technology to understanding pixel density. Varying in length from two hours to two days, the courses are offered at scheduled times throughout the year at locations around the world.

The current courses are as follows:

Channel Partner Certification Programme (CPCP General)

This is an in-depth eight-hour certification program that focuses on megapixel technology – what it is, how it works and how to use it to reduce costs and increase profitability. The Arecont Vision product line and its key features are profiled; as the course also contains demonstrations of set-up tools and setting interfaces needed for the product line. Target audiences include project managers, sales personnel, sales engineers and service managers.

Channel Partner Advanced Certification Programme

This expanded training program equips architects, engineers, consultants, sales engineers and system designers with the knowledge and tools needed to design, install and support megapixel video surveillance solutions. Attendees learn from an Arecont Vision system design expert on how to address issues related to the development of complete IP megapixel security solutions, including camera selection and layout based on pixel density requirements, troubleshooting, exposure settings, illumination and advanced principles pertaining to Arecont Vision IP megapixel solutions.

Innovative Designs and Implementation of Complete Megapixel Solutions

This four-hour course will cover current technology trends in the surveillance marketplace and features Arecont Vision’s value proposition. Vertical market examples of the megapixel value proposition will be examined. Participants will learn about the common challenges encountered when deploying megapixel solutions and how to address these issues. The course is designed for those who want to know more about megapixel video surveillance solutions, including systems sales personnel, installers, end-users and distributors.

Megapixel – The Easy way to Design, Price and Win Against Your Competition

Similar in structure to the Innovative Designs course, this two-hour module focuses on achieving success with megapixel solutions in the education and retail markets. The course is suitable for individuals wanting to know more about megapixel video surveillance solutions, including systems sales personnel, installers, end-users and distributors.

Megapixel Crash Course

In this two-hour class, attendees learn the basics of selling, implementing and supporting megapixel video surveillance solutions. Key takeaways include understanding pixel density, increased profitability, and tips for overcoming objections. The course is geared to project managers, sales personnel, sales engineers, service managers, end-users and distributors.

In addition, the company’s partner portal offers bandwidth and storage calculators to guarantee the correct resolution and storage capacity is factored into a surveillance system design. To learn more, contact your local sales rep.