Megapixel Cameras Provide Panoramic Coverage at Shell Petrol Station

Megapixel Cameras Provide Panoramic Coverage at Shell Petrol Station
Arecont Vision\'s 180-Degree and 360-Degree Cameras Capture Every Detail Clearly

Los Angeles, CA (December 6, 2011) – A Shell Petrol Service Station in Kensington, South Africa, has deployed Arecont Vision's megapixel panoramic view cameras to maintain watch over their facility with the ability to electronically zoom in for detailed, close-up views. In addition to the expanded coverage the Arecont Vision panoramic cameras provide, they’ve helped reduce overall system costs. The installation served as a benchmark installation and proved the value of upgrading to megapixel video cameras at other sites operated by Shell (Pty) Ltd. 

The system uses three Arecont Vision SurroundVideo® 180-degree panoramic view cameras to provide detailed 6400 x 1200-pixel images of the service station's forecourt with four pump islands.

An Arecont Vision SurroundVideo®  360-degree panoramic view camera keeps watching inside the adjoining convenience store. Both cameras use four 2 megapixel sensors and incorporate Arecont Vision's MegaVideo image processing at billions of operations per second. Another 2 megapixel Arecont Vision camera provides 1600 x 1200-pixel images at 24 frames per second to help operators recognize faces. 

Each panoramic megapixel camera can take the place of 24 or more standard-resolution network or analog cameras, thereby reducing the overall costs of purchasing cameras. The use of fewer cameras also requires less labor and cabling reducing installation costs. Using fewer cameras to cover larger areas also translates into cost savings related to infrastructure (cables, mounts, housings, etc.). All of these cost-saving attributes contribute to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with a higher return on investment (ROI).   

Alex De Barros of AV Enforce Electronics (Pty) Ltd. designed the system, which was installed by AV Enforce technicians. AV Enforce Electronics, the installing dealer, is South Africa's largest privately-owned black-empowered security company. 

“The ability to provide unparalleled image quality and resolution in a small retail environment illustrates the versatility and cost-effectiveness of our solutions for a wide range of applications,” said Dr. Michael Kaplinsky, CEO of Arecont Vision. “The installation at the Shell Petrol station in South Africa demonstrates how our panoramic view cameras can keep a watchful eye on business from both physical security and budgetary perspective.” 

About Arecont Vision
Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras and associated software. Arecont Vision products are made in the USA and feature low-cost massively parallel image processing architectures MegaVideo® and SurroundVideo® that represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. All-in-one products such as MegaDome® and MegaView™ provide installer-friendly solutions. Compact JPEG and H.264 series of cameras address cost-sensitive applications. These innovative technologies enable Arecont Vision to deliver multi-megapixel digital video at IP VGA camera price points.