Megapixel Cameras Increase Situational Awareness at Vietnam’s Newest Healthcare Facility

“We always rely on the quality of Arecont Vision® cameras. Our experience with Arecont Vision® has made them our first choice for every large project because of their exceptional performance and image quality.”

-       Mr. Thomas Tran, CEO, Citek Corporation



The City International Hospital (CIH) is a new multi-specialty hospital located within the Binh Tan district in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Located in the International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park, CIH features the latest medical technology and imaging equipment.

With a large volume of visitors anticipated at the hospital every day, the need for a best-in-breed surveillance solution was a high priority from the onset of the project. To fulfill this requirement, hospital administrators turned to Citek Corporation, a technology integrator located in Ho Chi Minh City.



The need to secure CIH by maintaining the highest levels of situational awareness was a primary design objective for the new video surveillance system. To achieve this goal, Hoa Lam’s management team worked together with Citek’s technical personnel to design and install a superior video surveillance system.

The decision to deploy an IP surveillance solution featuring Arecont Vision megapixel cameras was based on superior functionality and image quality, ease of use, and the ability to manage the system centrally or remotely.  


Megapixel Solution

Citek became an Arecont Vision® installer in Vietnam in 2009, and installation of the video surveillance system was a smooth process by the experienced integrator.

The video surveillance system at CIH is monitored on a local network, which includes a main server and two client systems. There are approximately two hundred Arecont Vision® cameras installed at the facility to date, including approximately one hundred SurroundVideo® 360° AV8365DN 8 megapixel (MP) panoramics and 35 SurroundVideo® 180° AV8185DN 8 MP panoramic cameras. These high-performing cameras deliver exceptional situational awareness in both day and night lighting conditions. Additionally, there are approximately 60 Arecont Vision® MegaVideo® AV2115DN compact day/night megapixel cameras installed at key locations which are operational 24/7.

“The quality of Arecont Vision® cameras more than satisfies our requirements for image quality,” said Mr. Lai Voon Hon, General Director of Hoa Lam-Shangri-La. “The system is working very well for us and Arecont Vision® is extremely responsive to our needs.”





The CIH management team carefully evaluated their long-term return on investment (ROI) comparing IP and analog surveillance system solutions. Since a smaller number of Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras provide superior area coverage to conventional cameras, substantial savings are derived. This includes reducing the number of cameras, cables, poles, and housings plus the requirement for less ongoing maintenance and fewer VMS licenses.

Additional savings are derived from the reduction in manpower needed to watch video feeds and guard the facility. Beyond the financial benefits, CIH management recognizes the intangible ROI achieved from maintaining high security, which makes the facility a safer place for patients, staff and visitors.

“The International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park will be the first integrated healthcare development in Vietnam to provide a comprehensive healthcare environment employing high tech medical equipment and a professional medical staff. Our new video surveillance system is an important element of that environment,” said Mr. Lai Voon Hon.