Layered Approach (Security Today)

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The security department has long held responsibility for the physical protection of assets, infrastructure, and people. The operation and protection of electronic data systems have been the responsibility of the IT department. Today, we increasingly see the blurring of these lines with the movement of surveillance, access control, life safety, and other physical security systems onto IP-based network technology.

The IT approach to layered security for systems, infrastructure and data are increasingly impacting the security department, and with good reason. Recent cyberattacks have revealed vulnerabilities beyond traditional IT systems and infrastructure, uncovering the potential threat of attack on and through a wider range of network-connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing as network connectivity blurs the line between computing devices, appliances, vehicles, and industrial equipment. IoT is used to create smart homes and buildings, network-enabled appliances, aircraft, automobiles, ships, and trains. It is found across every market segment. While consumers and industry professionals are excited about the benefits, cybersecurity experts increasingly warn about the vulnerabilities that IoT introduces to traditionally secure infrastructure...

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