Here's Looking at You, Kit

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Integrators know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all video solution; yet video kits continue to be a popular way to save time and money.

The concept of video kits is not a new one. For many years retailers such as Sam's Club and Costco have sold prepackaged systems; but these kits generally feature more inexpensive, lower resolution than professionally installed systems. There is little variation in types of technology available in these systems, which are targeted to the residential and small business DIY markets.

The non-professional surveillance market has traditionally been the source of much of the sales of video kits, says Jeff Whitney, vice president of marketing, Arecont Vision, Glendale, Calif. "A gas station, convenience store, dry cleaner, or small company are typical users, where either the business buys and self-installs the kit or a mom-and-pop system dealer or small systems integrator does the installation."

While some kits vary by companies, most kits include between two and 16 cameras, either an NVR or DVR, and video management software. In some of the kits designed for DIY installation, there may be wires included as well...

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