Halloween 2019 Comes to AV Costar Glendale


The AV Costar Glendale team celebrated Halloween with a party organized by our office complex management during lunchtime today, October 31st. 

Dressed appropriately as a few examples show below, the attendees of the event enjoyed a costume contest plus a range of seasonal treats in the sunny courtyard below our offices. Those confections included ice cream... as while it's the end of October, it's been in the mid to upper 90 degrees F all last week here in Los Angeles.  


We hope that you and yours have an enjoyable Halloween with your families and friends.

We'd also like to wish a bit of rest and much happiness to all those suffering the consequences of the horrible wildfires burning in many parts of California and elsewhere this month. And especially we'd like to thank all of those fighting the fires and those supporting their efforts, many of whom can't make it home tonight. We truly hope the worst is over for all those impacted.

Happy Halloween from AV Costar!