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The Best Security Technology Innovations of 2016

Does the political climate affect spending on security systems?
Source Security

The world of politics, like the world of security, is an environment of constant change. But do changes in one have an impact on the other? Governments around the world are involved in buying a wide variety of physical security systems, so how those governments operate certainly affects how they spend money on security. But in a broader sense, governments... Read More
A Relaxing Hotel Experience

VIDEO. 150 camera’s moeten veiligheid in Hasselt garanderen

In Hasselt is, net voor de Virga Jessefeesten, het cameranetwerk met 16 palen met 360-graden camera’s en een reeks 180-graden camera’s tegen muren voorgesteld. Voorlopig kunnen zo, in het oude politiegebouw, op verschillende schermen de complete Groene Boulevard en belangrijke delen van de binnenstad in de gaten gehouden worden... Read More

Arecont Vision surveillance cameras secure Ottawa School District
Source Security
The Ottawa Elementary School District is in Ottawa, Illinois, a river town 80 miles southwest of Chicago. The district consists of five schools, the campuses of which include Jefferson Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, Shepherd Middle Schools, and the Jefferson Elementary “Art House” building... Read More

Arecont Vision cameras and Arteco VEMS software helps safeguard USS Iowa museum
Source Security
Affectionately known as the “Battleship of Presidents” for having played host to more U.S. presidents than any other battleship, the USS Iowa is one of the most storied vessels in the history of the Navy. Originally commissioned in 1943, the Iowa saw significant action during both World War II and the Korean War... Read More

MegaDome G3 - RS
Source Security
MegaDome G3 RS third generation multi-megapixel cameras provide ample resolution to zoom in for details in live or recorded video. With an IR corrected motorised lens and gimbal, MegaDome G3 RS is easy to install and manage with “no-touch” remote setup. Install the magnetic mounting plate, connect the PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) IP cable, magnetically snap in place and fasten the camera to the mounting plate, and then remotely configure the camera. Use the intuitive interface to remotely pan, tilt, zoom, and focus the sensor... Read More

Arecont Vision megapixel cameras identify graffiti culprits at a Goodwill store in Seattle
Source Security
Located in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood of Seattle, the historic two-story brick and timber commercial building at 115 Belmont Street is surrounded by apartment complexes, coffee shops, and other commercial establishments. The building was renovated and upgraded in 2002 to make it more attractive to potential tenants. It is currently the home of a Seattle Goodwill Industries store... Read More

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