AV in the News - August, 2016

Arecont Vision in the News
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Teachers Admit to Vandalizing Administrator’s Vehicle

Video Surveillance Advancements Increase Hospital & Healthcare Security
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When Arecont Vision pioneered multi-sensor megapixel cameras with their first offerings in 2006, they were alone in the market in presenting these in place of pan-tilt-zooms (PTZs) and multiple individual cameras... Read More
Uncertainty Over Brexit’s Security Implications Spills Into IFSEC 2016

SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board Profile: Jeff Whitney of Arecont Vision

The Security Industry Association (SIA) recently established the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board to prescribe and to advocate for cybersecurity strategies and solutions. This month, we introduce you to the board's Jeff Whitney, Vice President of Marketing, Arecont Vision... Read More

Healthcare Security Systems: Funding Remains Biggest Obstacle To Installation
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“Inertia is another challenge. “Do nothing” is the biggest factor in slowing the adoption of new technologies,” says Jeff Whitney, Arecont Vision’s Vice President of Marketing. ”Adoption of technologies in healthcare is frequently driven by opportunity such as a new building or facility, changes in legislation or regulation, or external factors such as incidents, crime... Read More

Challenges And Opportunities In Analog-To-IP Video System Transition In Healthcare Facilities
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The transition isn’t always all-or-nothing. It is not uncommon for healthcare providers to depend upon outdated, analog-based video systems with limited capabilities while providing surveillance of a large facility, says Jeff Whitney, Arecont Vision’s Vice President of Marketing. “The transition happens after a major incident or awareness of new risks and challenges that the existing systems cannot address,” he adds... Read More

What role can social media play in security?
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Our society is engulfed in social media, from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube and all the rest. Among other benefits, social media provides an immediate and accessible form of communication. They say that social media is changing everything in our society, so we wondered what specific impact social media might have on the security marketplace. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What role can social media play in the security marketplace and/or as a tool to promote better security in general... Read More

Arecont Vision SurroundVideo Omni 2nd Generation Brings Outstanding User-Selected 180-360° HD Megapixel Coverage
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SurroundVideo Omni G2 is the first HD panoramic camera to feature 4 user-configurable, remote focus modules. There is nothing else like it. All 4 sensors can be independently set in any orientation around a 360° magnetic track, including looking straight down for no blindspots. Omni replaces multiple single-sensor or PTZ cameras for non-stop HD quality video coverage of hallways, lobbies, restaurants, parking lots, traffic circles, intersections. Better coverage & images from one Omni camera.... Read More

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