Arecont Vision Tech Partner Program Adds Theia Technologies (American Security Today)

Theia Technologies, the IP video surveillance lens specialist, has joined the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program. Theia lenses are available in the Arecont Vision MegaLab™.

“Arecont Vision has consistently pushed the envelope of high resolution and great image quality security cameras,” said Mark Peterson, VP Advanced Technology, Theia Technologies.  “Their high-resolution cameras combined with Theia’s portfolio of high-performance 4K and megapixel lenses provide for a concentrated pixel density and crisp image to yield the best forensic evidence.”

Theia Technologies’ Linear Optical Technology® enables an ultra-wide field of view without barrel distortion through all-optical distortion correction, and without using the software. Theia offers a select range of wide-angle and telephoto lenses that are designed for 5MP and 4K cameras.

“Theia Technologies lenses offer great advantages in that they provide the excellent wide-angle image quality without barrel distortion or vignetting,” said Jason Schimpf, Director of Sales Operations & Partner Relations. “The lenses provide greater pixel density at the edges of the image versus traditional fisheye or other ultra-wide-angle lenses allowing the operator to see high-quality images through the entire scene.”

Arecont Vision

The Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program includes sales, development, and support contacts between the two companies in order to better engage with end-user customers and integrators, integrate new features and technology and quickly resolve customer support issues.

Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras, which are made in the USA. MegaVideo® and SurroundVideo® massively parallel image processing architectures are now in their 5th generation and represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. All-in-one products such as the MegaDome®, MegaView®, MegaBall®, and MicroDome® series provide installer-friendly solutions.