Arecont Vision® Expands Technology Partner Program with Jemez Technology

Military Grade Analytic Company Joins the Arecont Vision Ecosystem 



Los Angeles, CA (3 January 2018) – Arecont Vision®, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, announced today that Jemez Technology LLC has joined the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program.  Jemez Technology provides the industry's most advanced and cost-effective video surveillance technology for critical asset protection.



“We are excited to further develop our partnership with Arecont Vision”, said Mel Duran, CTO of Jemez Technology.  “Arecont Vision SurroundVideo® G5 180° panoramic multi-sensor cameras are a perfect fit with our Eagle-i VIR™ software analytics. The comprehensive coverage of the camera enables Eagle-i VIR to see more than with a typical single device, providing an even more effective force multiplier for security teams, real-time event alerts for reduced enterprise risk, automated PTZ tracking, and high quality visual evidence for investigations.”

Eagle-i VIR systems are designed for real-time threat detection and tracking, while simultaneously providing the highest degree of situational awareness to first responders. Traditional video surveillance systems often fall short of this measure.  The Jemez Technology products are proven superior for long-range, wide-area, and day/night surveillance applications - when motion detection, simple trip wire detection, and direction tracking routines in standard video analytics won't get the job done.

“Eagle-i VIR surveillance solutions provide state-of-the-art threat detection, tracking, and notification capabilities,” said Jeff Whitney, Vice President, Marketing, Arecont Vision.  “In critical verticals like asset protection, infrastructure, airports, homeland security, and public safety, combining Jemez’ Eagle-i VIR with the ultra-high resolution, multi-sensor cameras from Arecont Vision is an excellent solution for the most critical applications. The unique cybersecurity protection of Arecont Vision cameras, thanks to the in-house developed Massively Parallel Image Processing (MPIP) architecture and FPGA ICs, make this an ideal joint solution for our mutual customers.”

Through the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program, sales, development, and support contacts are established between the two companies to better engage with end user customers and integrators, integrate new features and technology, and quickly resolve any customer support issues.  As part of the program, Arecont Vision cameras are in the Jemez Technology test labs, while Jemez Technology software is available in the Arecont Vision MegaLab™ test and certification facility.

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Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras. Arecont Vision products are made in the USA. MegaVideo® and SurroundVideo® massively parallel image processing architectures are now in their 5th generation and represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs.

About Jemez technology:

Jemez Technology provides advanced image processing technology delivering dramatically enhanced perimeter and area surveillance for critical infrastructure protection. The company was founded by former scientists with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, bringing decades of national security experience to its products and services. The company's flagship product, Eagle-i VIR™, is the industry's most advanced video surveillance solution for threat detection, analysis, tracking, and first-responder notification.



Jeff Whitney / VP Marketing / Arecont Vision

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