Arecont Vision® Adds Ipsotek® Video Analytics to Technology Partner Program

Los Angeles, CA (November 13, 2017) – Arecont Vision®, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, announced today that Ipsotek®, the world leader in scenario-based video analytics, has joined the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program.

“Participating in the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program is natural fit for Ipsotek,” said Bill Flind, Ipsotek Chief Executive. “The excellent image quality from the Arecont Vision cameras allows the VISuite to apply multiple behavioral descriptions simultaneously or in predefined sequences. It is these scenario combinations that create an exact description of the target behavior, thereby giving dependable real alerts and dramatically reduced false alarms.”

Ipsotek’s VISuite is a real-time video content analysis (VCA) solution with a unique combination of software running on purpose-built hardware. The solution is customizable and lends itself to customer requirements in a wide variety of environments and scene settings. The unique differentiating factors between VISuite and other VCA solutions are the low false alarm rates, high detection rates, and the ease of configuring the system that the Ipsotek solution offers.

“Combining the outstanding image quality and the reliability of Arecont Vision cameras with Ipsotek analytics for perimeter protection, intrusion detection, investigation, and forensics results in a very valuable solution for our customers,” said Jeff Whitney, Vice President of Marketing, Arecont Vision. “Systems integrators delivering the joint solution will provide award-winning technology from both companies and the best possible integration and ongoing support.”

Through the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program, sales, development, and support contacts are established between the two companies to better engage with end user customers and systems integrators, validate integration of new features and technologies, and quickly resolve any customer support issues. As part of the program, Arecont Vision cameras are in the Ipsotek test lab, while the Ipsotek VISuite solution is available in the MegaLab™ test and certification facility in Los Angeles, California.

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Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras. Arecont Vision products are made in the USA. MegaVideo® and SurroundVideo® massively parallel image processing architectures are now in their 5th generation and represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs.

About Ipsotek    

Ipsotek is the world leader in Scenario-based Video Analytics and is expert across a wide range of applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Deployments include: perimeter protection, intrusion detection, investigation & forensics and the management of traffic, crowds and operations. The patented scenario based approach allows multiple behavior descriptions to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences; and it is these scenario combinations that create an exact description of the target behavior, thereby giving dependable real alerts and dramatically reduced false alarms.


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