Arecont Vision IP Megapixel Cameras Provide Increased Coverage & Video Clarity yet Reduces Costs & Camera Numbers

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Arecont Vision IP megapixel cameras provide increased coverage & video clarity yet reduces costs & camera numbers
Arecont Vision® IP megapixel cameras are proven around the world by retailers of all sizes





Industry challenges



The retail industry suffers considerable losses each year as shrinkage due to employee theft, sweet hearting, and shoplifting.  It also faces pressure from on-the-spot robberies and organised retail crime, workplace violence, slip-and-fall litigation, workman’s compensation, and legislation.

Arecont Vision® IP megapixel cameras are proven around the world by retailers of all sizes, utilised in a wide range of retail locations and environments, to address these challenges.

Arecont Vision deployment examples

Arecont Vision IP megapixel single- and multi-sensor cameras are deployed in a wide range of applications to support the retail marketplace.  Examples include:

  • Providing complete situational awareness, with live and forensic viewing
  • Video documentation for slip-and-fall, workman’s compensation, workplace violence, and litigation protection
  • Loss prevention including internal fraud, theft, and sweet hearting, plus external fraud, shoplifting, and organised retail crime
  • Entrance – exit – POS - aisle – stock room – cafeteria/break room – loading dock monitoring
  • Parking area surveillance
  • License plate recognition
  • Customer/staff behaviour monitoring
  • Workflow monitoring
  • Audit programs
  • Budget/business continuity
  • Supply chain monitoring

Arecont Vision cameras are deployed by small retailers, convenience and liquor stores, chain stores, department stores, big box retailers, supermarkets, shopping centres and malls, luxury goods suppliers, car dealerships, gas/petrol stations.