Arecont Vision Introduces the World’s Fastest Dual Sensor 3Mpixel DayNight™ Network Camera

Arecont Vision Introduces the World’s Fastest Dual Sensor

3 Megapixel DayNight™ Network Camera

AV2100, AV3100 and AV3130 Systems Deliver HDTV Resolution at NTSC Price

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)—April 06, 2005-- This week, Arecont Vision, the leading developer of high-resolution video surveillance cameras and systems, announces the low-cost 3-Megapixel dual-sensor DayNight™ AV3130 surveillance system at Las Vegas for ISC West 2005 booth #17147.

Far exceeding the performance of available video surveillance products, the AV3130 system delivers HDTV (1920x1200) imagery at 20 frames per second across local area networks. Based on world's fastest dual-sensor network camera, the AV3130 offers clear digital imagery for a wide range of illumination conditions, 100,000 down to 0.01 lux.

AV3130 system is enabled by proprietary MegaVideo™ and DualBand™ technologies that feature massively-parallel image processing architecture and represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. These innovative technologies enable Arecont Vision to deliver multi-megapixel digital video surveillance systems at NTSC price points.

"In recent months a number of HDTV surveillance products have been introduced to the security marketplace. While the advantages of multi-megapixel live video for scene analysis applications are undisputed, these high resolution products have to be offered at a cost comparable to conventional analog video," said Steven Sarfati, VP of Sales at Arecont Vision. "Leveraging its unique expertise in the design of massively-parallel image processors, Arecont Vision has developed extremely costefficient MegaVideo™ technology that has vastly superior technology over analog video, yet priced in the $500 per camera range.

AV3130 complements two recently released new generation MegaVideo™ surveillance products AV2100 and AV3100 that represent higher performance compatible replacements of older AV2000 and AV3000 systems. AV2100 and AV3100 products deliver full-motion 2 and 3 megapixel digital video, auto-iris control and Power-over-Ethernet capability.

In addition to remote browser-based access and digital video archival functionality typical for today's network-based systems, Arecont Vision products offer unique capabilities unattainable with NTSC/VGA cameras. In sharp contrast to low-resolution systems, MegaVideo™ technology allows simultaneous delivery of live full field and zoomed images, instantaneous no-moving-parts PTZ of fast moving targets.


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