Arecont Vision introduces cameras featuring Remote Set-Up

The megapixel camra manufacturer Arecont Vision is introducing a two-sensor, adjustable view (up to 360 degrees and anywhere in between) camera that offers no-touch remote setup. The US-based company's SurroundVideo panoramic 180 and 360 degree cameras are now in their fifth generation. In 2014 the company introduced the first omni-directional or completely adjustable view cameras, the SurroundVideo Omni series. Arecont Vision's third generation of Omni is now the G3. According to the makers, SurroundVideo Omni (G1) is for those looking for a less expensive option that still brings the 360 degree omni track. Omni G2 adds remote focus and zoom, for install of the camera, generally position the sensors, then get off the ladder or lift to finish set-up on the ground. With the Omni G3, the installer only has to fit the camera to a pole, wall, corner, or other structure indoors or out, and plug in the IP cable, and set up via a web browser.