Arecont Vision Cameras Help Enforce Speed Limits in Argentina (A&S International)

The local governments in Buenos Aires, Argentina, needed a portable mobile solution to monitor and document speed limit violations. A unique handheld radar speed gun system was created using Arecont Vision's compact IP cameras.

A 5-megapixel camera is connected to a central processing unit (CPU) through an Ethernet connection which is attached to a radar pistol via an RS-232 port. The CPU analyzes vehicular speeds and if it's above speed limits, the camera takes a high-resolution digital image that is then correlated with the vehicle registration database for license plate identification and fine processing. Monitoring can be done locally with a laptop computer or remotely with a desktop computer using Wi-Fi. 

Forty of these radar/video speed gun units have been built and the first units have been working uninterrupted since 2009. They have more than paid for themselves based on increased safety and collection of speeding fines.