"Since we first unveiled these two new camera series, the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Brad Donaldson, Director of Product Management, Arecont Vision. “The high level of interest we have experienced is a testament to Arecont Vision’s innovative megapixel technology that delivers unprecedented performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.”

The fifth generation of Arecont Vision multi-sensor panoramic cameras will include enhanced capabilities and features while offering effective situational awareness. The new Surroundvideo G5 includes a 5-megapixel resolution model with STELLAR (Spatio Temporal Low Light Architecture) advanced low light technology for best-in-class light sensitivity to capture more detail.

Standard and smaller form factor versions of 12MP and 20MP Surroundvideo G5 cameras each delivering double the frame rate of previous models will be available soon. Enhancements for the standard and smaller form factor models include an option for Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) at 12MP resolution to capture useable video in scenes with highly contrasted lighting. The standard form factor model offers P-iris lenses and remote focus. The Surroundvideo G5 12MP and 20MP models offer pixel binning for increased sensitivity in low light applications.

All Surroundvideo G5 cameras feature an IP66-rated environmental housing and a polycarbonate bubble that is 1K-10 rated impact-resistant. The new black gimbal offers enhanced aesthetics.

The latest Megaball G2 Series cameras now deliver STELLAR technology for enhanced low light performance. Adjustable IR ensures images always remain clear by allowing users to adjust the angle and intensity of the beam. Images can be scaled to different resolutions to better meet system bandwidth and storage requirements. Another feature of the Megaball G2 series is Corridorview, which allows images to be rotated 90 degrees for increased coverage of hallways and corridors.

The second-generation Megaball G2 cameras include onboard SDHC card storage up to 32GB, a remote focus/zoom p-iris lens for fast and easy set-up with better imaging, and an optional Panamorph lens for 180 and 360-degree viewing on 5MP models. The new cameras are available in a dome configuration for surface or flush mounting, and a new bell mount configuration featuring adjustable IR.