Partner Programs Overview

As the leader in megapixel camera technology, we work with the best companies in the industry to meet the needs of our customers.

Project Registration & Special Pricing

For opportunities where the reseller has specified our products for a project, AV Costar will return that loyalty by keeping all project details confidential and improving the reseller’s profitability through deeper discounts. By submitting a project registration request, the reseller partner supplies AV Costar with the necessary details to validate the registration request and approve the additional discount.

Reseller Partner Program

AV Costar’s Reseller Partner Program is designed to help integrators of all sizes grow their business by leveraging our products, educational offerings, tools, sales and marketing support, and resources. We provide online project registration, competitive pricing, sales and marketing support, leads, pre- and post-installation assistance, world class support backed by outstanding warranty and RMA capabilities, and AV Costar University and its CPCP certification program, with access to a global network of authorized distributors.

Technology Partner Program

AV Costar’s Technology Partner Program is designed to establish and grow partnerships with elite manufacturers through software and hardware integration, sales collaboration, and joint marketing. The Technology Partner Program is open to manufacturers that build and sell complimentary products to AV Costar’s offerings for the benefit of our customers.

A&E Partner Program

AV Costar’s A&E Partner Program is designed to ensure the industry’s leading architects, engineers, and consultants are well equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to design the best possible megapixel security system.