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Promotional Incentives Available from January 31, 2020 to December 31, 2020

The AV Costar Free ConteraVMS® License Promotion is a limited-time incentive program that offers FREE standard ConteraVMS camera licenses for every ConteraIP® or MegaIP® camera when purchased with a ConteraCMR® Recorder throughout the sales quarter.

How the Instant Discount Works

  1. The distributor sends POs to AV Costar for any ConteraCMR Recorder and ConteraIP and/or MegaIP cameras.
  2. The PO must state “Free ConteraVMS License Promo” – Project registration is not required for this promotion.
  3. The PO should list the recorder and cameras at a customer’s normal or project registration cost.
  4. An additional zero dollar line item for the AV-CST1 should be added for each AV Costar Camera on the PO.
  5. The zero dollar offer is only valid when the AV Costar cameras, recorders, and licenses are on the same PO.
  6. POs should be received between 01/31/20 and 12/31/20.
  7. POs should be shipped within 30 days of the end of the promotion.
  8. POs received after 12/31/20 will be at normal discount levels (D3, D4, D5) or registration pricing for all products.
  9. No ship and debit, cost deviation, or other crediting processes will be accepted for this promotion. All discounts must be applied upon submission of the purchase order.
  • The Free ConteraVMS License Promo applies to any purchase orders submitted to AV Costar between 01/31/20 and 12/31/20 and shipped within 30 days of the end of the promotion. It is only available to the applicable products listed above, while supplies last.
  • “Free ConteraVMS License Promo” should be referenced on the purchase order with appropriate pricing.
  • Distributor pricing equals their pricing level (D3, D4, D5, project pricing) for any recorder or camera. The AV-CST1 pricing is $0 when purchased with a recorder and camera.
  • Project registration is not required for this promotion.
  • If submitting the PO with project registration, also provide both the “Free ConteraVMS License Promo” verbiage as well as the project registration number for all other relevant products. You will receive the lower of Project Registration or Free ConteraVMS License Promo pricing if the purchase order is submitted between 01/31/20 and 12/31/20.
  • This pricing should not be used for any project that has a purchase date after 12/31/20 unless the distributor purchases all products before the end of this promotion. After 12/31/20, pricing will revert back to the normal discount price or project registration pricing.
  • Any purchase orders received after 12/31/20 will be processed at normal Discount pricing or at project registration pricing. There will be no exceptions.
  • No ship and debit, cost deviation, or other crediting processes will be accepted. All discounts must be applied upon submission of the purchase order.
  • Stock rotations are allowed for customers who can normally request a stock rotation. For this promo, stock rotation requests must be submitted to AV Costar within 30 days of the completion of the program. The cameras must be returned within 30 days after the APPROVAL of the stock rotation request. Finally, an offsetting PO will be required for the stock rotation. The offsetting PO must be submitted after the approval of the stock rotation request.
  • All other standard or contracted AV Costar terms and conditions apply. AV Costar may end this promotion at any time without notice.
  • If there are any questions, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Inside Sales Manager for more information.

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Try the Latest AV Costar Technology Before You Buy!

The TRY & BUY Program allows an integrator to install any one select product in a customer environment at no risk, and at special introductory pricing. AV Costar is so confident that customers will want to keep the camera that if the customer is not completely satisfied, the camera can be returned for a full refund!


8MP: AV08CPD-118

20MP: AV20CPD-118

Learn more


12MP: AV12CPD-236

Learn more

Omni LX RS

8MP: AV8476RS

20MP: AV20476RS

Learn more

Outdoor Dome

1080p: AV02CLD-100

5MP: AV05CLD-100

Learn more

Indoor Dome

1080p: AV05CID-100

5MP: AV05CLD-100

Learn more


1080p: AV02CLB-100

5MP: AV05CLB-100

Learn more

Micro Bullet

1080p: AV02CMB-100

5MP: AV05CMB-100

Learn more

Outdoor Dome & Bullet EX Series Analytic Cameras

Outdoor Dome 5MP: AV5456PMIR-S

Bullet 5MP: AV5426PMIR-S

Optional Advanced Analytic License: AV-CADVVA1
Learn more

MegaVideo® UltraHD & 4K

8.3MP: AV08ZMV-300

12MP: AV12ZMV-301

Learn more

MegaDome® UltraHD & 4K

8.3MP: AV08ZMD-400

12MP: AV12ZMD-401

Learn more

MegaDome® G3 RS

3MP:AV3355RS/ AV3356RS

5MP: AV5355RS

1080p: AV2355RS/ AV2356RS

Learn more

SurroundVideo® Omni G3


12MP WDR: AV12376RS


Learn more

SurroundVideo® Omni SX


12MP WDR: AV12976DN-08/-28


Learn more

High Performance NVR Server


Learn more
MegaDome G3 RS

Compact NVR Server


Learn more

Compact Desktop NVR


Learn more

NVR Appliance

6TB with 8 Port PoE Switch:

Learn more

Limit one per end user project.
AV Costar reserves the right to end the promotion at any time.

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