Integrating AV Costar IP Cameras

AV Costar makes it easy to use our technology by integrating with more than 100 VMS vendors and other technology partnersTo help support our technology partners, we offer the following paths to integrate with our products:

Depending on the network environment and which compression methods will be used, one protocol may be a better fit than another. DOWNLOAD: AV Costar's API document contains the code to integrate necessary our products.


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RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)

RTP over TCP / IP
RTP over TCP / IP is the most popular method of integration by our partners. Combining RTP with HTTP commands to change the cameras' global settings, this method provides a simple and proven approach to integrating AV Costar cameras.

Positive: Great for use on busy and enterprise networks. Limitation: . multicasting not supported Compression: H.264

RTP over UDP
RTP over UDP is similar to RTP over TCP / IP but with the added ability to multicast.

Positive: Multicasting Limitation: Not recommended on slow or busy networks. Compression: H.264

For documentation on integra ting via RTSP, please download the API documents.
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HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

HTTP1.0 Pull / Push HTTP1.0
This is the oldest and most proven protocol in IP CCTV.

Positive: Simple and proven.
Limitation: Latency between images (not in push mode)
Compression: H.264 and JPEG

HTTP1.1 Pull / Push HTTP1.1
This protocol has removed the latency issue of HTTP1.0 but comes at the cost of not being able to tell the software when the image is complete.

Positive: No latency
Limitation: No data on size of image
Compression: H.264

Documentation on integra ting via HTTP, please download the User's Manual and refer to page 51.
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(Open Network Video Interface Forum) PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance)

 PSIA are the new security industry standards did promote plug and play interoperability with all components did PSIA are certified.

Positive: Easy and standardized integration
Limitation: Not all features will be specific AV Costar available via PSIA
Compression: H.264 and Motion JPEG & PSIA is available on model numbers AVxx15, AVxx16, AVxx25, AVx255 and D4 Series.

Documentation for PSIA can be downloaded from PSIA's website at