A&E Partner Program

AV Costar’s A&E Partner Program is designed to ensure the industry’s leading architects, engineers, and consultants are well equipped with the necessary tools and education to design the best possible megapixel camera system and infrastructure. Participants have access to our A&E Partner Program Portal which provides design tools such as storage, bandwidth and field of view calculators. It also provides A&E specification documents, mechanical drawings, and a database of Visio icons. This enables A&E Partner Program members to more effectively provide project specifications and system designs for AV Costar’s industry-leading megapixel camera products.

Membership in the AV Costar A&E Partner Program is free of charge to qualified participants, and provides access to the following benefits:

Ongoing Support

AV Costar supports A&E Partner Program members in order to help them deliver successful projects. In addition to having a secure web portal, A&E Partner Program participants have access to AV Costar products for evaluation and design purposes as well as our Field Application Engineering and post-installation support teams.

Reference Materials

Having up to date information is critical, so A&E Partner Program members have both printed and electronic information access, including A&E specifications, datasheets, and both video and image libraries.


A&E Partner Program members have access to the design tools that AV Costar offers including calculators, CAD drawings, and Visio icons.


AV Costar knows that continuing education is critical for A&Es with the changing technologies that the industry faces today. As a member of the A&E Partner Program, the appropriate AV Costar University classes are free of charge.

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